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India V England preview – It rests on Zak!

June 14, 2009

Typically, for India to win: Bat first, not lose more than the odd wicket in the first six overs, reach 120/3 by the 15th over and finish with a blaze to end with 185. Bring on the slow bowlers early, have the batsmen miscuing big hits, field competently to win by 10-15 runs.

For India to win today: The absence of Sehwag and the pressure of playing for their place in the tournament will be too great to allow free-stroking batting. The danger lies in losing an early wicket to then batten down the hatches to dawdle to reach 100 off 15 overs with a mini-collapse as panic sets in to manage a sub-150 score. Today, India needs to bowl first to whittle out top order wickets in the first spell, to have England at 60/5 by the 10th over to not let them get past 130. The chase would be far from a sure thing, but a couple of solid partnerships ending with a cameo or two would see them home.

In summary, If India bat first

IF after three overs: 25/0……THEN After 10 overs:  85/2…After 15 overs: 130/3…After 20 overs: 185/7

India win! (65%)

IF after three overs: 15/2……THEN After 10 overs: 58/3…After 15 overs:  83/5…After 20 overs: 135/9

India lose! (85%)

If India bowl first

IF after three overs, England: 20/2…THEN After 10 overs: 60/5…After 15 overs: 85/5…After 20 overs: 130 all out

India win! (50%)

If after three overs, England: 25/0…THEN After 10 overs: 85/1…After 15 overs: 125/2…After 20 overs: 185/5

India lose! (99.98%)

For India to do it today, requires Zaheer Khan to bowl the T20 spell of his career. He could call up Gul and Parnell for inspiration.

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  1. June 14, 2009 4:42 pm

    It is true that the lack of hard-hitter opening batsman Virender Sehwag put India team under huge pressure. Indian selectors had to shuffle their batting line-up to find a pair for the opening stand. However, Rohit Sharma has been selected in this position but he is not in consistent form. I have doubt about India’s performance against England on today’s match. Can India win this match?

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