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Sri Lanka V Pakistan preview

June 20, 2009

Logic does not apply when the team under consideration is pakistan. cliches wouldn’t be called that if they didn’t come true every now and then. I’m just pissed I was too busy to blog all of yesterday. South africa had marched into the semifinals with hardly a close game while pakistan had sneaked in. And yet every instinct said it’d be the asian team. When afridi blew a kiss to kallis after swatting him for four, I think all of us knew what the result would be. Match practice? Preparation? Haha! Just plain unpredictable brilliance.

I had a conversation with a colleague remarking on the Pakistan game; “On their day they can destroy any team”. To this I responded, on their day, the West Indies can do the opposite, implode spectacularly. 3 wickets in over #1 to a medium-pace bowler who’s talent was to pitch it in the general direction of the stumps. If you’re going to be 3 wickets down before any of Malinga, Murali, Mendis have come on, you might have as well not turned up.

The two teams to have played the most exciting cricket are in the final.

Let’s do an indepth analysis:

Fielding: Sri Lanka

Batting: Sri Lanka

Bowling: Sri Lanka

So, Pakistan it is…

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  1. June 20, 2009 4:20 pm

    Hahaha! love that in depth in analysis!


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