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Top 10 Daft things still happening in cricket…

April 3, 2010

10. Fielders being penalized for accuracy with ricochets resulting in ‘overthrows’, which is a misnomer considering the throw was perfect

9. Batsmen being rewarded for being beaten by the bowler who find their edge to give away boundaries

8. Batsmen being allowed to advance down the pitch in their spikes while bowlers get warnings and get taken off

7. Losing captains being asked “what went wrong” when the 25 all out on the scoreboard provides a clue

6. Fielding sides being allowed to ‘substitute’ their most unfit with sprightly young things in crucial positions

5. Waiting on the umpires to signal 4’s and 6’s when the cameras and the crowd know it before they do

4. Captains having to gesticulate like apes to get their fielders attention instead of having radio contact in noisy stadia

3. Ditto for umpires having to rely on their ears to decipher nicks instead of technology(Snicko, hotspot to name a couple)

2. “6 or catch?” being decided by fielders’ skipping and juggling skills with movable boundary ropes rather than a simple rule that rules the ball beyond a particular distance as out of play

And finally…

1. Commentators with the verbal range of chipmunks who describe every shot that goes over the fielder’s eyeline as “hiiuuuuge” as the ball dribbles over the 60 yard boundary.

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  1. nestaquin permalink
    April 7, 2010 8:44 pm

    I’m unsure if I should take this list seriously or not but as I was reading this list I found myself thinking, “This writer really doesn’t have a clue’. Which is apt considering your pseudonym.

    Take point ten for example. The fielding team is penalised by ricocheted overthrows not because the throw was perfect but because the fielder made an error in judgement in throwing the stumps down too late. Knowing when to throw at the stumps and when not to is part and parcel of the art of fielding.

    It’s because of point five that I’m uncertain of your intention because everyone who has played the game should know that the umpires aren’t signalling to the crowd. Their signals are for the scorers.

    I haven’t time to elucidate but points 3,4,8 and 9 also need a bit of extra thought.

    • April 8, 2010 10:00 am

      thanks for the critique nestaquin. its upto individual readers how seriously they’d want to take the list (ideally, with a pinch of salt).

      about your comment on ricochets, logical maybe, but isn’t it strange that the inaccurate throws don’t result in extra runs but the accurate ones do? most sport(aside from the likes of curling maybe) is about doing something well and not ‘not do’ something like NOT throwing the ball. I’m obviously not talking of careless flicks but genuinely close chances.

      About #5, the reference is to the modern televised spectacle that is the game and not the ones played between clubs on the village green. It’s kinda absurd to be waiting on the umpire to finish his conversation on two-way radio to confirm a six when everyone watching (including the scorers) have seen multiple slow-motion replays of the ball land on the rope.

      Happy to hear your thoughts on the other points too. Cheers

  2. April 17, 2010 3:45 pm

    “6. Fielding sides being allowed to ’substitute’ their most unfit with sprightly young things in crucial positions”

    Oh so true.


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